Simply put, the Western world has developed cultural habits of unhealthy consumption.  We rely on a food system that is gravely out of balance. We’ve seen from blockbuster documentaries like Food Inc. that the average consumer is enormously disconnected from the process of food production.  The problem is evident and often overwhelming !

This project is a grassroots, human-scale conversation on these national and global problems. Grand, systematic transformations are driven by narrowly focused efforts and subtle shifts in lifestyle. Cultural transformation only happens when there are social incentives. Change must be inspired, not forced!

This documentary explores an alternative brand of progress that combines small-scale initiatives and community infrastructure. It could be argued that you can't have sustainable monetary capital without social capital. Communities with high-level reciprocity are the most likely to be economically stable.

Networks of efficient and sustainable food exchange can be rebuilt in new and innovative ways. With new technology and sustainable practices, these networks can fuel local economies, and create stronger community bonds that foster social capital and neighborly accountability. This documentary will contribute to the expanding dialogue on sustainable progress, food production and community networks.